Zaviehlaw Launches New Website and Services

Today is very exciting at Zaviehlaw as we celebrate the launch of or new website. Far beyond simply upgrading a few graphics, the new site ushers in a new way to practice California State Bar defense.

I now offer an entirely online flat fee service of creating your response to a State Bar investigation; flat fee defense services; and flat fee self-representation assistance. Also on the menu are quarterly probation compliance services for lawyers serving out probation in State Bar Court matters. Coming soon are more self-help services, including a library of resources to help lawyers in the disciplinary system better understand how to present their own defense, and on-demand CLE.

For services available for online retention, our new automated process allows you to retain me at any time of the day or night, receive immediate confirmation of the fee agreement and an intake form to begin the process of opening your file and getting your complaint handled. My goal is to bring peace of mind to clients as quickly as possible. I am thrilled to have this new system go live today.

Come see the new site and check it out!

If you receive an ethics complaint from the California Bar and you’re not sure where you should start, check out The State Bar Playbook. This is Megan’s interactive and easy to use guide (and community!) that will help guide you through the process from receipt of the complaint all the way through the appeals process!

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