Authenticity at Work

I recently wrote a piece for Lawyerist called Authenticity as a Social Media Marketing Strategy.  Then I launched my new website.  One of the biggest things I incorporated into my new site, spurred on by the awesome folks I met at TBDLaw, was the “real me” bio.

It was a bit unnerving to send out into the world my real self, complete with candid pictures (some mud-covered), and let my client base of lawyers know that I’m not a pearl-wearing, suit-clad traditional lawyer.  However, as a fellow TBD-er John Grant put it, we have to “eat our own dog food,” and if I am going to tell other people to be real, I must do it too.

After the anxiety of publishing my new site and announcing it to the world began to fade, a wonderful thing happened.  I got comments from clients like “it is nice to see the other side of you,” and I learned that one of my clients competes in Spartan races too.

Connecting with people is a major part of what I do, and it underscores my marketing efforts in a big way.  I want clients to want to talk to me, to trust me to help them through their most stressful professional times, and to know who I am when they call.  Being real works, and honestly I can’t see putting effort into cultivating an unauthentic image of myself.

I urge my colleagues to revisit their website bios and stop leading off with where they went to school.  Tell your potential clients who you really are, beyond your lawyer self.  You may be surprised at how you are received.

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